About Us
We at Mosambee can see (or even create) the big picture and yet sweat the small stuff because God is in the details.

In the last decade, the mobile phone market has exploded in India. Smartphones, tablets, phablets and the likes have begun to show-up everywhere and are changing the way people listen, watch, connect and only naturally, transact. The resulting kerfuffle is causing complete makeover of business processes and nowhere is this change as evident as it is in payments.

Mosambee is what you get when 'young' veterans, the techies and some banking types come together and explore the helium surrounding mobile payments. While all of us are from varied backgrounds, we all share a flair for innovation and a passion for execution. From tyros who dream big to veterans who think younger than their newbies, every one of us at Mosambee is committed to bringing a freshness of thinking to our ideas, interactions and implementation. So right from when your first contact with us to the time you use our solutions, we can guarantee one thing - we are distinct and we deliver. You won't confuse us with someone else.

In the future you will see a stream of products from us. You would think payments is a commodity market. Launching a new product in this market is not unlike launching 'oreo' cookies in a market full of uni-flavor biscuits. We will make it different and interesting.

So, are we there yet? Not by a long shot. We have only got started.

For more details please visit: www.mosambee.com

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